What We’re All About

What We're All About

In short, we’re about helping you live your call.  That means understanding the unique plan God has for you and joining with you to fulfill that calling.

We’re just ordinary people, who together, and with God, can do the extraordinary.

How Do We Help You Live Your Call?

  1. Giving Hope

Our first priority is always to help you encounter Jesus. He is our hope, the One who makes us right with God and gives us everlasting life.

When people meet Jesus, everything changes.

  1. Transforming Lives

We help you live free, grow in character and experience the abundant life promised through faith in Christ.

That includes practical teaching and training in an authentic, friendly community atmosphere.

We are humble about our weaknesses because none of us are perfect.

  1. Inspiring Action

We are an outreach focused church that will inspire you to engage in doing good as Jesus did.

We give opportunities locally and around the world for people to take action – which so far has led to thousands receiving Jesus, hope imparted, the sick in body and mind healed, orphans cared for, families restored, the kingdom funded and communities transformed.

We want you to do much more than sit in a pew on a Sunday morning. We want you to live your call!

Common Questions About Harvest City

Harvest City is a home-grown, grass roots kind of church that sprang out of the “Jesus People” or “Jesus Movement” that rose up in the 1960s and ’70s. Because of the way God was highlighting spiritual gifts, churches like Harvest City became known as “Charismatic” churches. (Charisma means “gifts of divine grace” in the original Bible language.)

Harvest City does not belong to what has traditionally been known as a “denomination.” However, we are vitally connected to a family of churches called LifeLinks International Fellowship. Although LifeLinks churches have the freedom to be self-governing, they have a real sense of identification and connection with one another. For example, LifeLinks churches partner together to plant new churches, serve on short term missions teams, participate in ministry and youth training programs, and attend network conferences and camps.

Harvest City began in 1972 as a small prayer group meeting in a home. The church that grew from that humble beginning was originally called Maranatha Christian Centre; the name was changed to Harvest City Church in 1992.

Check out the “Our Story” video below for more of our back story.

Under the leading of God’s Spirit, Harvest City follows the model of plural leadership found in the Bible. For instance, like the churches in the Bible, Harvest City is governed by a team of Elders with our lead pastor as “first among equals.” The Elders work in close cooperation with a Board of Directors team. Various sub-teams in the church are led by leaders with the biblical title “deacon,” and the church’s 60+ staff are arranged in teams, as well.

What has been the result of that team emphasis? Accountability, trust, wisdom from the “multitude of counselors” – all these and more. God’s pattern shown in the Bible has given Harvest City stability and growth, and for that we’re very grateful!

Harvest City focuses a great amount of prayer, hands-on effort and financial resources into living out Christ’s message locally, regionally and “…to the remotest part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). One example is Harvest City Christian Academy, which provides the city of Regina with an option for education from the Christian worldview, within the public school system.

Another example is our Global Impact strategy, which has us partnering with missions workers locally, nationally and internationally. Since this strategy was implemented in 2007, Harvest City has channeled millions of dollars and much in-person participation of Harvest City representatives into outreach efforts around the globe, to further our charitable purpose to reach all peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ.