Our Team

This page introduces you to Harvest City’s team of elders, deacon board, and staff members.

Actually, this is a team within a team because in the widest sense, “our team” includes our entire congregation!

Lead Pastors – Joel & Angela Wells

Joel and Angela have been part of Harvest City Church since childhood. They were married in 1997 and have three lovely daughters. Angela is on HCC staff, serves in multiple ministries, and enjoys playing and coaching volleyball.

Joel has a Bachelor of Education degree, and taught high school for 11 years. In 2010 he transitioned to Lead Pastor of Harvest City, succeeding his father, Dave.

Joel is a very engaging preacher/teacher with a down-to-earth willingness to be vulnerable. His passion to see the lost saved and the kingdom of God advanced is infectious. He is also blessed with a strong prophetic gift. Ministry opportunities have taken Joel around the world. He enjoys golf and coaching basketball in his ‘spare’ time!

Apostolic Pastors – Dave & Linda Wells

Apostolic Pastors Dave & Linda Wells

After over a decade of planting churches and Christian schools in Manitoba, Dave & Linda moved their family to Regina in 1987 to pastor Harvest City Church. They led Harvest City for 23 years and continue to live and base their ministry here leading a Life Group and various small groups.

Dave is Leader Emeritus of LifeLinks International, giving apostolic input, training and guidance to numerous churches and pastors all over the world.

Linda serves part-time on the church staff as our Connections Pastor. She mentors, equips, and counsels members of Harvest City and in LifeLinks alongside Dave.

Eldership Team

  • Joel Wells
  • Anatoliy Beliy
  • Corey Lueck
  • Matthew Glover
  • Ron Swan
Elders of Harvest City Church
Left to right: Shannon & Corey, Ron & Laura, Joel & Angela, Nataliya & Anatoliy, Shirley & Charles
  • Joel & Angela Wells
  • Anatoliy & Nataliya Byelyy
  • Charles & Shirley Greff
  • Corey & Shannon Lueck
  • Ron & Laura Swan

Deacon Board

  • Al Ferrara (Chairperson)
  • Jeremy Isted
  • Matthew Glover (Vice Chairperson & Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Georgette Kasongo
  • Lynton Howes

Pastoral Staff

Staff member Joel Wells
Joel Wells

Lead Pastor

Staff member Dave Wells
Dave Wells

Apostolic Pastor

Staff member Charles Greff
Charles Greff

Pastor of Congregational Care

Staff member Deborah Lachance
Deborah Lachance

Counseling Pastor

Staff member Linda Wells
Linda Wells

Connections Pastor

Staff member Gary Williamson
Gary Williamson

Pastoral Assistant

Staff member Andrew Gal
Andrew Gal

Worship Arts Pastor

Staff member Kathy Studlin
Kathy Studlin

Children’s Pastor
(0 yrs – Grade 6)

Staff member Anatoliy Byelyy
Anatoliy Beliy

Pastor of Missions & Leadership Development

Staff member Jenny Cana
Jenny Kachaluba

Next Gen Pastor
(Grade 7-8, 18-29 yrs)

Jason Bandura

Executive Pastor

Staff member Hope Howard
Hope Howard

Children’s Ministry (0 yrs – Grade 6)

Administration Staff

Staff member Angela Wells
Angela Wells

Office Manager & Director of Communications

Olubunmi Odanle

Administration Assistant

Seth Allan

Youth & Jr. Youth Intern

Business Staff

Nicole Brown

Finance Manager

Staff member Sue Zerbin
Sue Zerbin


Staff member Wendy Corpuz
Wendy Corpuz

Accounting Clerk

Staff member Noreen Hillsden
Noreen Hillsden

Accounting Clerk

Communications Staff

Staff member Dave Thomason
Dave Thomason

Production Coordinator

Staff member Doug Christoffel
Doug Christoffel

Web and Data Manager

Staff member Kimberley Gal
Kimberley Gal

Worship Arts Admin Assistant & Digital Media Coordinator

Harvest City Christian Academy Staff

IT Services Team

Staff member Cory Halverson
Cory Halverson

Supervisor of IT Services

Staff member Brian Sass
Brian Sass

IT Analyst

Staff member Steve LaVallee
Steve LaVallee

Acquisitions & Desktop Analyst

Little Sprouts Preschool Team

Staff member Laura Swan
Laura Swan


Staff member Tracy Miles
Tracy Miles


Staff member Linda Halverson
Linda Halverson


Staff member Kathleen Whippler
Kathleen Whippler


Maintenance Team

Darren Breitkreuz

Building Manager

Staff member Jill Laycock
Jill Laycock

Cleaning Supervisor

Staff member Larry Thomason
Larry Thomason


Staff member Matthew Harden
Matthew Harden


Staff member Matthew Melby
Matthew Melby


Staff member Heidi Melby
Heidi Melby


Staff member James Sahlmueller
James Sahlmueller


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