Harvest City Podcasts

Podcasts have become super popular because we can listen to them on our mobile devices wherever we may be. Look for the podcasts below in your podcast app, or tap one to go to its home page.

Here is where you can subscribe to Harvest City’s weekly messages as a podcast! Listen in your browser or use your podcast app to download sermons from our archive and listen to them when it’s convenient for you.

This podcast, a collaboration between Harvest City’s and Gateway Church’s young adults, strikes up open, transparent, honest conversations about our faith. Whether you need an introduction or a refresher on the gospel of Jesus, this is a safe space for questions and learning at every level. Our hope is that this collection of testimonies, teachings, and honest conversations will empower you to walk confidently with Jesus and create change wherever you may go.

Uncover the lies and myths associated with Christian relationships. Prepare for real, raw, and redemptive discussions each month.

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