December 18, 2022

Disciple: A Call To Follow – Part 4

Passage: Revelation 2: 1-5

What does it look like to be a true disciple of Jesus?
The measure of discipleship is the reality of the relationship you have with Christ. It is a relationship based on obedience and dependence.
A leading assumption people have in the North American church is that you can be a Christian without being a disciple. But this isn’t what scripture actually teaches us.
There is an invitation to each of us to ‘Follow Jesus’. How is your follower-ship going? Who is first in your life? You or Jesus?
We think of obedience like bondage, but this is a lie. True obedience leads to freedom. There actually is no such ting as freedom without obedience. And there are actually many blessings when we live a life of obedience and dependence.
Pastor Joel explains to us how this is an important message for every believer.

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