March 19, 2023

Level Up – Part 7

Passage: Romans 16:1-13

Level Up – Part 7: Friendship

Throughout the Level Up series, we’ve been challenged and given tools to take our relationships to the next level. God wants us to experience some of the most enriching relationships possible, and it’s out of these relationships and friendships that we’re most effective.

The apostle Paul is known as a great teacher, writer and church planter. But something that often gets missed is how relational he was, and the value he placed on friendships. We see many individuals connected with Paul in the New Testament, several who he refers to as dear friends. How is it this writer of letters, planter of churches, and defender of the faith, was still able to make time for so many individuals?

Pastor Joel Wells brings this series to a close by examining the life of Paul, and what we can learn from the way he pursued friendship throughout his ministry.

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