January 21, 2024

Money Matters Series – Part 1: The Heart

Passage: I Timothy 6:10

Money Matters – Part1: The Heart

Today marks the kickoff of this year’s church-wide campaign ‘Money Matters’. To start things off, pastor Joel Wells takes this first message on ‘The Heart.’

Why is the church doing a campaign based on this theme and what are we hoping to accomplish through this study?
There are a multitude of examples in the Bible of how we should handle money. Handled properly, it can be a great blessing to many. Handled poorly or with wrong motives, it can be horribly destructive. Money is a major part of our lives, and how we view money perhaps reveals more about our hearts and our priorities than anything else.
God wants us to be generous in every way; with our time, our talents, and our treasure. So, in this first part of the campaign, we’ll look at how we become ones with generous hearts.