Faith Commitment Offering

Meet needs at home and around the world

Our Global Impact Partners around the world are dedicated to bringing the light of Jesus to many and we are honored to support them financially. Through your generous giving, many projects have been made possible and testimonies of the goodness of God are plentiful!

The goal for 2024/2025 is to raise $300,000 to support the ministry needs of our partners. Your commitment will not be followed up by the church; it is a commitment made in faith between you and God.

Thank you for your kingdom hearts!

After you've used the "My Faith Commitment" button above...

You can then use the “Give Now via Church Center” button below to give either your full amount or part of that amount. (For setting up regular payments and other giving options click HERE.)

After submitting your Faith Commitment form for 2024/2025

you may choose to give the full amount, part of that amount, or set up regular payments through the Church Center app HERE starting April 26, 2024. (Funds submitted prior to this date will apply to the 2023/2024 budget).

Alternatively, you can call us at 306-569-1935 ext. 0. Finance can assist with set up and your remaining pledge balance.

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