Cleansing Stream

Our regular fall course (previously scheduled for October 2023) has been postponed until further notice .

You may be interested in our Genesis Change Groups .

Live the abundant life God intends

Cleansing Stream is a course aimed at healing areas in our lives that are holding us back from living the full life God intends us to have. Everyone has situations in their lives they are struggling with. Cleansing Stream provides participants with the tools to overcome those situations, which strengthens your life and relationships with God and others.

There are five sessions of videos:

  1. Knowing the Father
  2. Walking in the Spirit
  3. Committing Everything to God
  4. Speaking Words of Life
  5. Entering the Cleansing Stream

The training includes:

  • Watching videos
  • Bible reading
  • Interacting with prayer partner
  • Completion of a workbook
  • Reading books (optional)
  • A weekend Encounter Event (Friday evening to late Saturday afternoon, plus the course windup session on Sunday afternoon)

Cleansing Stream’s unique combination of revelation (teachings and resources), relationship (small groups) and restoration (Event) brings results—changed lives!

> Cleansing Stream seminar is NOT a counseling program; it is a way of learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to cleanse and strengthen your own life. Others will encourage you and pray with you, but it will be up to you to take the prescribed steps and apply the teaching to your life. <