Marriage / Couples Counseling

Find the support you need to build a stronger relationship

Any number of issues can create friction between you and your partner… money and finances, communication problems, not enough time spent together—even household chores.

If you and your partner are facing friction, Harvest City Church offers input from experienced mentors and tools to tackle issues.

Leading the mentoring team are Pastor Charles and Shirley Greff. The team’s passion for helping couples has led them to become Certified SYMBIS+ Facilitators. SYMBIS+ uses an amazing assessment tool that adapts to each couple, whether pre-engaged, already engaged, married, or co-habiting, young or older, from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, faith-based or not.

Every couple served by this ministry will receive and review their own SYMBIS+ Report with a certified Facilitator. They will enjoy a a highly personalized experience that opens up dozens of compelling insights and countless conversations to help them grow as a individuals and as a couple.

Get in touch to set up a confidential, non-judgemental session. God is more eager and able to help than you can even imagine!

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