Young Adults

Who We Are

All young adults 18+ years of age are welcome to join us at different events throughout the year to connect and build relationships with other young people in our church and churches on Regina!

We also have a number of life groups that meet weekly for a more intimate and regular community. If you would like to be involved in a life group, please click here to sign up!

We’re passionate about encountering a real, living God and seeing our lives transformed in the process. We place a high value on building a strong, relational, Young Adult community (Acts 2:42-47).


Harvest City Young Adults produce the podcasts below. Interested? Tap/Click one or its button below to give these pods a listen!

Honest Conversations Podcast

Honest Conversations is our team effort with Gateway Church. Tune in for roundtable discussions, testimonies from guest speakers, and a whole lot of truth.

Authentic Love Podcast

Authentic Love looks to uncover the lies and myths associated with Christian relationships. Prepare for real, raw, and redemptive discussions each month.

Social Media

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For more information use the “Get In Touch” button below to contact Jenny Kachaluba.

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