The Genesis Process

Getting Free

The Genesis Process is a ministry to help people change self-destructive behaviors. Harvest City offers the Genesis Process in two ways:


Change Groups are designed to provide accountability and support for anyone who is interested in changing a repetitive, destructive or addictive behavior in their lives. These are NOT fellowship groups…they are CHANGE groups. Participants are asked to identify what behavior they are willing to work on and make commitments each week to take action steps toward change.

To find an upcoming Change Group, use the “Check for Groups & Training” button below or the “Get in Touch” button to make an inquiry.


In One-to-One Ministry certified Genesis Process facilitators provide one-on-one accountability to help participants keep their commitments and move toward the goals they set for themselves.

The Genesis Process is an integration of Biblical principles, proven relapse prevention techniques, cognitive therapy and the latest research in neurochemistry. This process has proven successful in maintaining long-term recovery in clinical trials and recovery programs.

The Genesis Process is sensitive to each client’s level of spiritual maturity. It is successful because it deals with subconscious relapse patterns by addressing the underlying faulty belief systems that support them.

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The Genesis Process Facilitator Training Seminar

Genesis Facilitator Training is designed for those working with clients who have recurring addictive, compulsive behaviors. It is a four-day, intensive, interactive seminar that includes individual and group exercises. The training is 6-8 hours per day with 2-3 hours of homework per night.

You will learn effective, problem-solving techniques built around a comprehensive, ten‑process client workbook and separate step-by-step facilitator’s guide. You will also become eligible for the Genesis Process Certification by completing a case study.

If you’re interested in the Genesis Facilitator Training, contact Genesis Process using the “GET IN TOUCH” button below.

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